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The best possible quality in English language teaching services at the most reasonable price!

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Our vision

Our Vision is to serve the young population all over the country by providing them with the best possible quality in English Language teaching services at “the most reasonable prices”.

Our mission

Our mission is to reach our goal by accomplishing our daily tasks in the best possible way in a shortest possible time.

What Others Say About RELT

The best teacher I have met in my life! He is not only excellent in English but also a master in teaching.

Wilkerson May

I was very lucky for being a student of Sayar.. Because Sayar is very kind and good at teaching.. My English skill is obviously improved.. Then I promise I'll keep trying my best in my future :)

Aju Ko

One of the greatest teacher in my life. You'll rarely find such kind of teacher with amazing English skill, full commitment and great enthusiasm to work. Fully guarantee your English will improve if you could apply what you learned from Saya.

Mya Yee Mon

Strongly recommend this one !! best english class ever

Henery Nyan Win Khin

About Us

History and Experience

Principal and Founder

The founder of RELT, Sayar Richard, has grown his passion for English and English language teaching since a very young age. He also has more than five-year experience living in Europe.

What is RELT?

Richard English Language Training Centre (RELT) is an English language center which has a strong will to contribute to fulfilling the learners’ dream of achievement in English language learning in the most cost-effective way.

Why should you join RELT?

RELT is eager to help you in every possible way throughout your journey of learning English by ensuring enjoyment in learning and providing good quality services. Our learning approach is not only international but also up-to- date with technology in the classroom. Learning environment provided by RELT is both motivating and encouraging.