Business English class

Fees - 35,000 Ks                 Length - 2 months and 2 week (30 hours)

Business English is suitable for students who are above Pre-intermediate level. This course will not only give you the opportunity to engage in conversations under business context but also to expand your network. The students will get to listen to different accents so this will help them overcome the obstacles when talking to foreigners from different countries at the workplace. Last but not least, useful language which can be utilized at the workplace will also be taught.

Grammar & Vocabulary class

Fees -  Ks                 Length - 

This is suitable for students whose English are in pre-intermediate level and above. Students who are preparing for IELTS are also welcome to join. This course is conducted with interactive activities so that it is fun to learn vocabulary and grammar. This course will also take your grammar and vocabulary skills to a high level and expose you to a range of topics in vocabulary learning.

General English classes (“Intro” to “Intermediate”)

Fees - 40,000 Ks                 Length - 2 months and 1 week (36 hours)


Intro class or basic class is for students who have finished matriculation exam and adults who have the desire to take the first step in English. This course will equip you with necessary language for your further study in English. You will learn how to greet and how to take part in a conversation in English. This will definitely help you to learn Basic English without being afraid of the language itself by helping you build your confidence.


This course is recommended for students who have already been familiar with English to a certain extent. The students will learn how to discuss basic topics in English in pairs and begin to learn how to sound more natural in English. They will start exchanging their ideas and opinions with each other and also learn how to write short messages too.


Pre-intermediate level is meant for students who already have foundation in English. They will learn how to communicate in real-life situations. They will also be introduced to both formal and informal registers of English. Their English will be improved by personalization and communicative interactions.


This is your chance to take your English to a whole new level. You will be able to learn how to build a sentence properly with complex structure. There will be discussions carried out on a wide range of topics including social issues.

Young Learner classes (Level 1 to Level 6)

Fees - 70,000 Ks                 Length - 3 months and 1 week (70 hours)

These courses are meant to integrate English into the lives of children who are six years old and above by building a solid foundation of English for them. YL classes will make sure that English is not a difficult school subject for young children. In fact, children will also learn how to take initiative in an English language-oriented society. This means they will become good team players and active participants at the same time.